my tape editing heroes

Like people have DJ heroes nowadays, I had edit heroes back in the days: guys super skilled in “The Art Of Tape Editing”. For me personally, the most skilled were the New York Latinos. Since they all had their own style, after a while I could even recognize who did the edits simply by hearing them. My personal heroes were:

  1. Chep Nunez
  2. The Latin Rascals (Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran)
  3. Omar Santana

Here some videos with know-how on tape editing, followed by some easier editing, building up to some seriously skilled editing; leaving you with some example releases of my favorite edit artists. In the future, I will post here also some of my own tape editing work.

Here explanation on how to do tape editing:

Here a video of some easy edits:

Here a video on some advance edits:

A very special version that almost consisted of tape edits all the way through from the beginning till the end. Done by a few editing artists, Chep Nunez and The Latin Rascals.

Latin Rascals – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (All Star Edits):

Chep Nunez

My personal favorite and absolute number 1. Very good at clean editing, great in arranging them to sometimes leaving me with a “wow” and an open mouth, asking myself the question: How the f**k did he do that?. Unfortunately he died in a burned down house.

Mantronix – Simple Simon:

The Latin Rascals

A duo for a change, who worked a lot with Arthur Baker and John Robie. The 2 guys who were responsible for producing Afrika Bambataa’s Planet Rock and Freeze IOU amongst a lot of other productions. The Latin Rascals even ended up doing edits in remixes that Arthur Baker did for people like Diana Ross (Swept Away) and Darryl Hall & John Oates (Out Of Touch). Later started producing house stuff in the 90′s but not really my cup of tea to be honest.

Artist United Against Apartheid – Sun City (Edits from about 3:48 mins):

Omar Santana

For me usually easy to recognize because of his chaotic sounding edits sometimes, but also leaving the wow-effect on my face from time to time. Some of you might even recognize his name since he went producing hardcore in the 90′s.

Sweet Sensation – Hooked On You is my absolute favorite of his work:

the art of tape editing

Before making music I learned how to mix records in the early 80′s. Soon after that I got interested in tape editing. What’s that? Back in the days you had this effect in records, sometimes like a machine gun effect how I described it then. Or stuttering. Which is basically a small fragment of a record in repeat and almost like a skipping record or cd – but done on purpose and in sync with a beat or rhythm so it stays musical in a way. Confused?

There’s simple and advanced editing. It’s sometimes that advanced that it’s considered art in itself. Some people will maybe hate it and find it annoying but the ones who understand it will see my point.

The art about it is not only the cutting and pasting but also the arrangement of the small fragments that make sense musically. A good example of bad editing that does not stay in sync with the rhythm is the break of Aphex Twin’s Window Licker:

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